LED Fishing Float

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Illuminate your fishing spot so you know where your rig is at!

  • This top-shelf, center-slip LED Fishing Float uses LED light and fires up 20 times brighter than most conventional lighted bobbers.
  • It’s easy to use. Simply attach one to your rig, throw your line out, then sit back and wait for your prey to suck the float under the surface.
  • It’s easy to secure on your line, highly visible, and remain reliably afloat even when used with heavy baits.
  • You can use it alone or attach it to other fishing floats too.

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  • 10 pcs LED Fishing Float


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3 reviews for LED Fishing Float

    Michael J
    I use these floats sometimes when i catch catfish and they work great just a float does what i need it to do
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    These are well made floats. Recommended
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    Raymond Bach
    Arrived promptly product was as promised. Works extremely good bright and long lasting. I will buy more
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