Marble Fish Jelly Bait

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Lure fishes right away with this bait!

Made of jelly. It’s easy to thread through hooks. Helps easy fishing tackles and it will bring more convenience to your anglers and you.

Round jelly beads will add a shine to your bait, looks like a dinner to fish and draw finicky fish out of hiding.

Marble Fish Jelly Bait


  • Apart from these beads being the bait, it can also be used protect the head of your fishing rod. It’s suitable to be used for stream, pool, lake, river, saltwater fishing and many more. Good for deep drop rigs too.

Marble Fish Jelly Bait

Easy To Use:

  • Just attach each bead to the tip of the hooks and voila! That easy! The colored jelly beads can be used on fishing rigs, lures, hooks or on your line just above the hook for added attraction while day or night fishing or even deep water fishing.

Marble Fish Jelly Bait


  • Durable even if it’s made of jelly, so easy to attach to your hook or anglers PLUS it’s also a practical alternative to living baits like worms.

Marble Fish Jelly Bait

Multiple Flavors:

  • Comes in 6 different flavors and colors. You’ll have plenty of colors and flavors to choose from for that next fishing adventure with family.

Marble Fish Jelly Bait



  • Material: Soft Particles
  • Bead Diameter: 6mm
  • Quantity: 450 Beads per bottle

Colors and Flavors:

  • Dark Red (Meaty Flavor)
  • Green (Acid Flavor)
  • Yellow (Corn Flavor)
  • Orange (Sweet Flavor)
  • White (Milk Flavor)
  • Red (Strawberry Flavor)


  • 1 x Marble Fish Jelly Bait


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