Tambour Crochet Hook

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Get an eye-catching embroidery results with admirable ease. 

Tambour embroidery 
  • is a beautiful technique for attaching beads or sequins on fabrics, leading to the finest in haute culture. However, don’t let a poorly chosen tambour hook get in the way of a good job. The unique Tambour Crochet Hook is the way to ensure you do a perfect job to give you pure pride and satisfaction. Unlike ordinary needles, it enables you to work fast and efficiently. The result is also gorgeous and amazing, ensuring your effort pays off handsomely. 

Creating brilliant embroidery 

  • This embroidery set gives a hook that will give you eye-catching results with admirable ease. It consists of a tambour hook that is used to place beads or sequins on your clothing or fabrics. This tambour tool ends with a small slightly bent tip crochet hook. It is used to create loops or attach beads by catching the thread that lies at the backside of the clothing or fabric and pushing it to the front.
Tambour Crochet Hook
  • When used alone without beads, it can be employed to achieve great lacework. It’s also perfect to produce brilliant stitch work such as chain stitch and a range of beautiful designs and patterns.


3 in 1 set 

  • It comes with 2 tambour needles set. For each set, you will get 3 needle heads that can be interchanged. These have diameters of 0.7mm, 1 mm, and 0.9 mm. You also have one wooden tambour completing a perfect embroidery set.

Light and Durable 

  • At only 7 g, the needle is very light making it easy and convenient to use. Also unlike other hooks, the handle is strong and durable. So it won’t break easily as you use it. The hook also punches easily into the fabric, giving you a smooth and efficient way to work. 

Easy to use 

  • This hook is designed for easy use. So you will find it quite easy adding the beads and sequins. It’s the perfect way for beginners to pick up the skill quickly and become experts in a short time. This is a DIY favorite for those who want to develop a passion for this craft. 
Tambour Crochet Hook

Great handle 

  • This hook will give you a great grip that eases your work and elevates your workmanship. Its perfectly textured surface with excellent contours allows a good grip so that you can expertly accomplish the task. You will see an embellished and fashionable outcome result from much less effort. 

Great for Embroidery

  • Tambour Crochet Hook is a beautiful tool of adding beads and embroidery to fabrics or clothing, even a beginner can be successful very quickly. You can easily create beautiful patterns and designs with this tool. Also, you can create various stitches like chain stitch.

Easy to store or carry 

  • It’s compact and occupies a very tiny space. So this is a tool you will love to carry anywhere you want to use it. 


Tambour Crochet Hook


  • Needle diameter: 0.7mm, 1mm,1.2mm 
  • Function: Embroidery Needles
  • Use: Sewing; Embroidery;Diamond Embroidery
  • Type: Sewing Needle
  • Style: French Crochet Embroidery Hoop
  • Each set consists of one handle and three interchangeable needle heads.
  • The handle has a comfortable contoured shape and a brass needle grip.


  • 1 x Tambour Crochet Hook
  • 3 x Needles


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3 reviews for Tambour Crochet Hook

    Tambour Crochet Hook photo review
    Jennifer H.
    I have nothing to compare it against, but it has worked perfectly on my first tambour project.
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    Brenda Nolen
    I'm still learning to use it but the quality of this tool (and having the three needles) are wonderful.
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    Muy buen producto, funciona perfectamente. Recomendado. Tiene 3 agujas de distintos tamaños. Es perfecta para lo que necesito.
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